Workshop: Let's focus on 'Timeless' instead of 'Trends' when it comes to Kitchen design for 2023

Thinking of renovating or building a new home and want to know more about Kitchen Design trends? As a designer , I hate the word 'trend' so in this 30min webinar I'll be discussing timeless trends I forsee sticking around in Australian Kitchen Designs. What you need to really focus on to create a timeless kitchen. Plus I discuss the biggest mistakes that can cost you and break the look and feel of your kitchen. I'll give you a clue. It's all about achieving a cohesive colour palette and functionailty.

    1. Kitchen Trends

  • 1 lesson
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Need kitchen design inspiration?

This workshop is for anyone looking to renovate their kitchen, building a new home, looking for inspiration . Find out what to avoid when designing your dream kitchen. Know what you need to get right to create that timeless kitchen look & feel.

  • Learn the main elements what it takes to create a 'timeless' kitchen design

  • Please avoid doing this in your Kitchen design

  • Traditional vs Modern styles? I discuss some of my favourite kitchen trends, showing examples of great kitchen designs

  • Kitchen finishes and materials I beleive will be popular in 2023


Instructor Bio:

Hi, I'm Melinda McQueen I'm an Interior designer with 20+ yrs exp and 6 years running my Interior Design studio in Perth, Western Australia. Not everyone can afford an interior designer for their new home or renovation. I have decided to start offering online design advice for those that are eager to find out more about interior design and looking to renovate, DIY or build a new home. My vision is to help inspire and offer advice, to give you confidence in making the right decsions around your interiors, renovation, or new build project. You can follow me over on Insta @studiomcqueen and send me a DM with any questions or feedback, I'd love to help :)

Melinda McQueen

Interior Designer